Start DANCING in the RAIN...            

Reiki Level 1 Certification - Live Course
During this training, you will learn how to apply Reiki techniques to yourself, fostering self-healing and inner balance.

This practice allows you to become an active participant in your own wellness journey, offering a valuable tool for self-care and personal growth.

By incorporating Reiki into your daily life, you can cultivate a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit, promoting overall well-being and resilience.

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Are you ready to transform your life? Here's what you can expect:
To go from...
  • Being stuck in your head, the monkey mind going on and on
  • Feeling flighty and difficulty concentrating
  • Unable to make decisions
  • Being reactive instead of responsive
  • Running away from being in the moment
  • Uncomfortable feeling tour emotions
  • Difficult getting through shifts and growth...and more
  • A calm mind, being present, in the here and now
  • Easier to hear and follow your intuition
  • Responsive instead of reactive
  • Make quick decisions aligned with your highest good
  • Enjoy the human experience
  • Get through shifts and growth with ease
  • Start dancing in the rain rather than avoiding it....and more

Modules in This Course

Understanding the Why: The Importance of Grounding and Embracing Heart-Centered Living
          * Most Important Benefits of Getting Grounded & Coming Into Your Heart
          * What's Keeping You From Being in Your Body

Your Daily Non-Negotiable Actions
          * Unified Balance: The Art of Heart, Mind, and Body Connection
          * Embodied Awareness: Mastering the Art of Mindfulness through Body Scan Meditation

Releasing Obstacles to Grounding and Heart-Centered Living
          * The Art of Letting Go of Control with Tapping
          * Escaping Your Emotions
          * Dance With Your Emotions
          * Grooving With the Sensations in Your Body
          * Tap & Breathe into Serenity to Reduce Cortisol Levels
          * Safe to Open Your Heart
Now to Come into Your Heart
          * Safe to Open Your Heart
          * Let's Heal and Activate Your Heart

And Now it's Time to Ground Fully into Your Body
          * Get Grounding
          * Returning Fragmented Pieces of Your Soul
          * Take a Deep Dive into Your Body​
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"It was amazing! It made me feel so calm! It has given me the tools to feel more grounded and present. I had never thought about being safe in my body, but after taking this course, I realized that I wasn't feeling safe and I really appreciate all of the tools that help me feel safe!" - Laurie
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